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The Mission of the Psychology International Student Association (PISA) is to both support international students within Psychology, as well as to educate American students regarding international student issues within Psychology. 

We intends to support students within Psychology major or minor by developing both peer and Psychology graduates student mentoring possibilities; work with new and transfer international psychology students in acclimating to the department; forming study groups for Psychology students; providing career, internship and research information for Psychology students, developing a questionnaire that will help understand international student needs; working closely with Psychology Advising, and develop an on line presence of the student we represent. 

Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
- PISA Buddy Program: Developing both peer and Psychology graduates student mentoring possibilities. 
- PISA Kickoff Event: Working with new and students in acclimating to the department 
- Grad-Talk event: Providing career, internship and research information after graduation. 
- Psych Student Info Session: advising sessions for psychology majors about how to connect with faculty members/labs 
- Study Aboard in Psychology: Introducing opportunities of studying aboard as a Psych student and hearing other peers' previous experience. 
- Small World Dinner: Hosting a cultural exchange event that intends to break the barrier between different cultures and offering cross language opportunities
- (And more to come!)

In this survey, we want you to give us some feedback on how PISA is doing! We will ask you for your opinions on some of the events we had, the things we've done, and whether they've met your expectations. However, we will NOT ask any identifiable information of you, such as name, ID number or email address. This survey is designed solely for you to give us feedback on any and every thing, so that we can be at better service to you in the future!